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Replacement Starters

Auto Electric and Starter Services in Mount Pleasant, Texas

If your vehicle suffers from a broken starter motor then it is most likely you will require the services of one of our mobile operators to come out to your location and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

At Eubanks Exchange we have new industrial starters available at our shop in Mount Pleasant, Texas, and service both commercial and residential vehicle. As well as a car, we can fit a new starter on a motorcycle, truck, lawn mower and a variety of other vehicles.

The starter inventory at our premises is large and we pride ourselves in knowing every piece of machinery we have in stock inside out. If the particular starter part you need is not here then we will send for it and have it for you within a short time.

Having been in business in the north east of Texas since 2000, we have developed an excellent reputation particularly in the rural farming community and much of the work we do is on farm vehicles such as tractors.

The starter is an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motor that rotates a vehicle’s internal combustion engine and enables the engine to start under its own power. When it ceases to function your vehicle simply will not start.

The most likely warning sign that the motor has gone dead is when you turn the key and hear a clicking noise. That’s when you need to call us on (903) 204-7025.

Repairing or replacing the starter will take our technicians about two days to carry out. If the part is not in stock it will take longer. In some cases it will save the customer money to have the starter completely rebuilt.

So if your car is not starting and you live anywhere near Mount Pleasant then contact Eubanks Exchange - we are experts and will get the job done for you.


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