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Interstate Battery Shop in Mount Pleasant, Texas

At our shop in Mount Pleasant, Texas, we have a wide variety of products for customers whose vehicles need replacement parts. That includes batteries and we stock the Interstate brand that has its headquarters not far from us in Dallas.

With 16 years of experience under our belts we pride ourselves in being extremely knowledgeable when it comes to auto electric repair and replacement, and battery replacement is one of the most routine tasks we are asked to perform.

We have a loyal customer base which is drawn from not just Mount Pleasant but also the rural and farming communities nearby and the cities of Texarkana, Gilmer and Paris.

Our business slogan is ‘check our stock and compare our prices’ and that applies to the sale of batteries which is more affordable than any of our competitors in the area. We strive to live up to our motto every working day.

The reason we stock the Interstate brand is because they are of higher quality than other makes, they tend to last longer, and they have higher warranties than their rival brands. In our opinion they are the best batteries on the market and we are very good judges of quality when it comes to auto electric parts.

The warranties on offer range from six months to three years and we stock and sell only batteries that are new. They can be used to power a vehicle’s staring, lighting or ignition system and are also available for the motorcycle, RV, and lawn mower markets.

Batteries are a vital component of any vehicle’s electrical system so it makes sense to come to the experts when you need them We only stock Interstate batteries, the best you can get, so make sure you contact Eubanks Exchange on (903) 204-7025 and let the professionals help you.


Interstate Batteries

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