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A/C Recharging Service in Mount Pleasant, Texas

In the summer heat of Texas, it is essential that any vehicle has an air conditioning system that functions properly. If the system fails then it not only becomes uncomfortable and stifling but positively unhealthy for drivers and passengers.

Heating and A/C systems keep the temperature in your car or truck bearable in the summer and cozy in the winter. But with constant use, the hoses that operate the system may start to wear out or leak, leading to an absence of cooling and heating capacities.

Here at Eubanks Exchange we have years of experience in fixing air conditioning systems that have ceased to function properly for whatever reason. Most of the calls we get are from drivers who own older vehicles that have more miles on the clock, new cars and trucks tend not to need an A/C change.

If the hose has started to leak or not work properly, then we will simply replace it and in many cases that will go a long way towards getting the system up and running again.

In most cases we will take steps to completely recharge the system. Our experienced technicians at Eubanks Exchange will assemble the dispenser, verify that the compressor is running, locate the low pressure side refrigerant, fill the port, attach the dispenser, and recharge the system.

There are several warning signs to look out for that should alert you to trouble in the air conditioning system. They include wet or moldy air being blown into your vehicle, the cabin not warming up in cold weather, the defroster taking longer than normal to work, the heating unit stopping to blow when the car is stationery, and the heating unit blowing cold air.

So if any of these problems afflict your vehicle make sure you bring it to Eubanks Exchange as quickly as possible and leave it to the professionals.

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