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Car Electrical Repair and Batteries in Mount Pleasant, Texas

Alternators and Starters Products

Alternators and Starters

At Eubanks Exchange we specialize in replacing and rebuilding vehicle alternators. In most cases we find it cheaper and quicker to do a replacement, a process that takes around two days. Replacing or repairing the starter motor takes roughly the same time. We have a computer that tests the starter to detect the problem.

Baler Belts

Baler Belts

Baler belts are used on farm tractors for picking up hay in a field and putting it into rows. If the belt needs replaced then we have a wide range that farmhands can choose from. We stock John Deere belts although we can order other makes if you want. 

Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are used extensively in heavy equipment such as dump trucks and forklifts and we have a large array of different sizes that we make on the premises. Our custom hose experts at Eubanks Exchange will get the length and the proper fitting to suit your needs.

About Eubanks Exchange

Eubanks Exchange is the leader for industrial starters and alternators in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Since 1975, we have been sought after as an Interstate Battery dealer from Hue Springs to Gilmer. Our customers can also rely on us for custom hydraulic hoses and auto electric repair. Our power supply repairs include: A/C power supply repair, repairing DC power supplies, repair of electrical equipment, hydraulic hose fittings, truck starter, Interstate batteries, and more.

We pride ourselves on a wide selection of commercial starter motors. Whether a Mount Pleasant business needs electrical starters for their lawn mowers, or a Hue Springs business needs an industrial truck starter; Eubanks Exchange offers mobile service for your farm equipment’s electric repair. This may include a customized hydraulic hose for higher pressure industrial operations. With almost 4 decades of experience, we guarantee a new hydraulic hose’s cut for length and size. This ensures you reliably resume your company’s operations.

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Alternator Shop and Starter Repair

The alternator shop we have at Eubanks Exchange carries the largest stock of replacement alternators in the area around Mount Pleasant, Texas. Cars and other vehicles rely on the alternators to supply electricity to the battery using the power of the engine. Without the alternator, the battery will have a short life. Drivers know there is a problem when the gauges flutter or there is an odd smell from under the hood and at that point it is time to bring the car in to us.

If the starter makes a clicking noise when you turn the key then you know the starter has gone out and in some cases the most cost-effective option may be a complete starter rebuild. At Eubanks Exchange we will diagnose the problem and carry out a repair if we possibly can. It may take up to two days to get the work done and we have a computer that will test the vehicle once the starter job has been completed.

Alternator Shop and Starter Repair

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